Akesu Textile Management people come to communicate and study
    At 9:00 a.m. on Mar.21, the chairman of Cotton Mill Cui Hengfu, General Manager Wu Yiping, team managers from Hai’an Lianfa Cottom Mill and management people from Akesu appeared on the meeting at the Cotton Mill’s meeting room. Wang Jing, who is the assistant of manager, presides the meeting.
    At the meeting, Wang Jing introduced the people, who came to the meeting. And then Mr Cui welcomed the management people from Akesu. He read out the organization structure, functions of each department and appointment. He announced the establishment of safety committees and defined the functions. He also briefly introduced company’s history, development, equipment, members, productions and prospects of company’s development to guests. Subsequently, Mr Wu gave a brief introduce of Hai’an Cotton Mill and watched the videos about Cotton mill with the people in the meeting.
    Mr Cui stressed at the meeting that our employees should have team spirit. Base on the optimized people organization, each employee can work hard around the centre, be diligent to work, help each other, make progress together. They should know the important role of organization, know clear the functions of each post, cooperate under the protection of system, benefit from organization. They should understand and trust company, treat them as god, do not slander or destroy company.
    Mr Cui required that workers of Hai’an Cotton Mill need to take care of the persons from branch company, make an organic combination for concepts and operating experience.  Staff from two companies need sincere communication, study from each other. And help Akesu toward institutionalization and regularization. Hope this can be an example for us to accumulate experience for future management communication. And contribute to our company’s healthy development.
    Cotton Mill Liu Chengguo
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